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suffocation warning bags

Flushtop polypropylene bags

Printed polypropylene bags / flush top

  • Suffocation warning bags have a flush top, no lip.
  • Suffocation warning bags have a 5 language printed warning notice.
  • Need more info? Click on the following link to see a suffocation warning bags
  • The suffocation warning notice printed on each suffocation warning bags is in English, German, French, Italian and Dutch. The English variant reads:
    WARNING To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this wrapper away from babies and children.
WidthHeightFilm thicknessPriceOur reference
Buy quality peel and seal cellophane bags. Try a printed polyprop bags (12x15") sample.
  • Size specification: The first measurement gives the opening/width of the suffocation warning bags.
  • 120 gauge (30 micron) thickness has medium strength and excellent clarity. Please refer to the film thickness guide for further information on suffocation warning bags film thickness.
  • The suffocation warning bags include 2 perforated half moon punch holes.
  • suffocation warning bags
  • bags suffocation warning

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We sell poly bags and offer free packaging advice. Polybags Direct