Packaging products/plastics guide

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  • The conversion from inches to metric can be confusing and is not always exact. Click on the following link for our inches to millimeters conversion chart: Inches to metric conversion
Please refer to following polythene thickness measurement guide for information on converting between various units of thickness.
Please refer to the following guide on ISO paper and card sizes.
Please refer to the following guide for bubble wrap info.
Please refer to the following link for help on layflat tubing.
Need help selecting poly bags? Use the following guide for expert advise: poly bags.
Refer to the following page for additional information on black bags.
The following guide gives help on selecting the correct packing tape.

The idea of pallet shrink wrap is that tension is used to hold a number of items together. The following guide gives information on wrapping a pallet using shrink wrap and selecting the correct shrink wrap thickness.

Shrink wrap guide

Pallet strapping is used to secure bundles of product typically for shipping and storage. The following guide gives recommendation on using polyester, polypropylene and steel strapping.

Pallet strapping guide

The following guide aims help advise on selecting the correct jiffy/mailing bag.
For information on cardboard boxes please refer to the cardboard boxes guide.
For help on selecting polypropylene bags please refer to the following polypropylene guide.
Please use the following guide for selecting grip seal bags.
When buying garment covers please refer to our garment covers guide.
Use the following guide for selecting office stationary such as mailing envelopes: office stationary guide.
The following guide provides information on paper, kraft based carrier bags: carrier bags guide.
The following guide provides information on paper based products such as wrapping paper, kraft based paper rolls: paper packing guide.
General information on the meterial used in food containers can be found in the following guide: food containers.
For information on foam packing please refer to our foam packing guide.

Various packaging guides for common scenarios such as selling on Amazon or packaging for University.

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