Vacuum packaging guide

Vacuum packaging is an efficient way of packaging a variety of products. Vacuum packaging is used in commercial and residential applications to preserve food. It is considered a form of modified atmosphere packaging. This is any form of packaging where the atmosphere around the product is altered from the external atmosphere.

Benefits of vacuum packaging
Increased shelf life
  • Vacuum packaging can increase product shelf life from 50% to 400%.
  • Vacuum packaging is the preferred form of packaging for many products going into long term freezer storage.
  • The proper vacuum bags can dramatically reduce freezer burn.
Vacuum bags give increased shelf life
Reduced product loss
  • Increased shelf life directly effects the reduction in product loss for companies inventorying products.
  • The reduced product loss helps to increase bottom lines.
Sealed barrier from external elements
  • The most common vacuum bag thickness is a 3 mill thickness with some bags up to a 6-8 mill thickness.
  • With the proper seal, vacuum packaging can protect products from dust, moisture, insects and a variety of other external elements that may harm or damage products.
  • Vacuum packaging is also an excellent barrier of protection against freezer burn during long term freezer storage.
Vacuum storage bags give a sealed barrier
Seals in flavors
  • Wet aging meats is a popular form of curing meat before preparing it.
  • This often uses natural juices from the meat with spices and flavors vacuum sealed to lock in flavors during the curing process.
No chemical preservatives required
  • Vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives.
  • Using the right mixture of oxygen to inert gas, products can last longer without the use of commonly used preservatives.
Improved product presentation
  • Vacuum bags are crystal clear allowing products within the packaging to be displayed on shelves.
Vacuum storage bags improve presentation
Efficient packaging
  • Vacuum sealing can be a very efficient process enabling hundreds or thousands of products to be sealed per hour.
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