Shrink wrap packaging guide

The idea of pallet shrink wrap is that tension is used to hold a number of items together.

Black pallet shrink wrap can be used to shield items from view. To use shrink wrap in the correct manner, tension must be applied as it is wrapped around the items. The shrink wrap must be pulled taut as it is wrapped around the items.

  • Place the outside of the shrink wrap to the pallet surface.
  • Secure the shrink wrap to the pallet base.
  • Ensure shrink wrap covers the base of pallet and the bottom layer of the load.
  • Wrap the bottom of pallet twice to secure the load.
  • Overlap the shrink wrap by 30 to 50%.

Depending on the weight of your load, consider wrapping the pallet twice. To increase the strength, use the shrink wrap horizontally to create a strap. Use a handheld stretch film dispenser for rapid easy application and to prevent injury through straining or repetitive use.

You should use the thinnest gauge of shrink wrap that will be strong enough to properly wrap your goods.
Shrink wrap thickness
12.5/13 micron shrink wrap
  • Thinnest shrink film available.
  • Suitable where the shrink wrap is supported.
15, 17 and 19 micron shrink wrap
  • For heavier goods and larger packs.
21/25 microns shrink wrap
  • Allows collations of packs.
35/38 micron shrink wrap
  • For large and heavy packs.

Shrink wrap width is calculated by adding the width and height of the pack together, increasing this figure by 10% and adding 60mm for scrap.

As shrink wrap widths are incremented at 5cm per time, you should round up your figure.

Add the height and length together, increase it by 10% and then divide this figure into the length of the roll.
Types of shrink wrap
Cast shrink wrapBlown shrink wrap
Load retentionStretches easily.Slightly more force required to stretch film.
Film yieldAdditional stretching can be obtained easier through lower micron blown films.Re-stretching the film once its applied is extremely difficult.
Clingyness of the filmNaturally clingy on both sides.One sided clingy only.
Visual clarityPerfectly clear, makes reading and scanning in warehouse light easy. High gloss can cause reflections.Hazy and dull which makes reading more difficult. It has lower gloss with reduces reflections.
Noise on unwindingVery quiet when being unwound.Loud when being unwound from the roll.
Puncture resistanceGood puncture resistance. Tearing can occur if stretched too much.Great puncture resistance.
Shrink wrap uses
  • Keep your personal library safe from moisture.
  • Shrink wrap your book collection to seal it off from the elements.
  • Shrink wrapping shoes is a great way to keep them from aging.
Shrink wrap shoes
  • Keep your home warmer in the winter by shrink wrapping windows.
  • Increase the insulation of your home.
Shrink wrap windows
  • Shrink wrap CD cases.
Shrink wrap cds
Paintings and prints
  • Shrink wrap protects artwork from unwanted scuffs, dust or moisture.
Shrink wrap prints
  • Winter proof boats with shrink wrap.
Shrink wrap boats
Soaps and candles
  • Shrink wrap can be used to protect soap and candles from the elements.
Shrink wrap soap
  • Shrink wrap is an inexpensive way to keep moisture out of firewood.
Shrink wrap wood
  • Shrink wrapping food is an easy way to increase the shelf life of food without having to rely on artificial preservatives.
Shrink wrap food
Stretch wrap is an affordable way to wrap and secure products. Using the right thickness of stretch wrap to secure the product being wrapped will protect from product loss and reduce film cost. Below is a brief explanation of common stretch wrap terms referring to film thickness.
Shrink wrap thickness guide
37 gauge
  • Excellent cost saver when wrapping light loads.
  • Great for bundling two light uniform objects together.
  • Users can easily apply the film with minimal exertion.
47 gauge
  • Great for light boxes.
  • No products with sharp edges or corners.
80 gauge
  • The most common gauge in all stretch wrap. Known to be very versatile and handle a variety of applications. 80 gauge is the most common stretch film thickness and ideal for a variety of applications
90 gauge
  • The ability to run with a higher tension with fewer tears.
  • Used to wrap bundle firewood, angle iron and a variety of heavier objects
  • Ideal for taller or heavier loads.
100 gauge
  • Commonly used for heavier boxes and products to bundle together. Medium heavy boxes and medium heavy items such as light lumber are ideal.
  • Often used to wrap pallets of drums, steel beams and other heavy objects.
115 gauge
  • 115 gauge shrink wrap provides excellent stretch with limited tears.
  • Used for banding sets of heavy products together.
  • 115 gauge shrink and above is ideal for taller or heavier loads.
150 gauge
  • The heaviest shrink stretch film offered. For heavy duty pallet loads.
  • Greater strength and puncture resistance.
  • Great for irregular shaped boxes. Ideal for securing steel, metal and other heavy duty items.

Pallet top sheeting is essential to ensure pallet loads are protected. They provide protection against dust, moisture and UV rays. They can also assist in load concealment and security.

Pallet top sheeting is necessary for protecting pallet loads such as electronics, clothes, furniture to dust collection.

Securing a pallet with stretch film will not keep dust from accumulating on the top of a pallet.

Pallet top covers can be quickly applied during machine or hand stretch film applications.

Storage in wet and humid environments: Condensation, humidity and moisture can damage and destroy the majority of products. Depending on the level of moisture present in the environment, pallet sheeting can provide good protection. For products stored in high humidity environments, pallet top sheeting is essential.

Protection for products sensitive to UV rays: Opaque top sheeting with opaque stretch film can help protect products sensitive to UV rays.

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