• Pallet strapping is used to secure bundles of product typically for shipping and storage.
  • It extends the life of the product by keeping it safe and protected during shipping or storage.
  • It frees up space by keeping like materials together in neat bundles.
Type of pallet strapping
Extruded polyester strapping
  • Polyester strapping is the strongest pallet strapping material.
  • The highest initial tension can be applied and retained over a period of time compared to other pallet strapping materials.
  • Extruded polyester strapping is the most rigid of all pallet strapping materials.
  • Polyester is nick resistant and can be sealed with seals, heat or friction welds.
  • Polyester offers the greatest strength and highest retained tension of all pallet strapping.
  • Extruded polyester strapping is frequently used on heavy duty loads that need high initial tension along with high retained tension during handling and storage.
Polypropylene strapping
  • Polypropylene strapping is the most economical type of plastic strapping. It is the the least expensive of all strapping materials.
  • It is light and easy to apply and recycle.
  • Polypropylene strapping characteristics include high elongation and recovery and low retained tension.
  • Available in both manual and machine grade and can be sealed with buckles, seals, heat seals or friction welds.
  • An excellent choice for light duty palletizing, unitizing, carton closing and bundling.
  • Can be used in all semi-automatic strapping machines.
Steel strapping
  • Steel strapping is the strongest of all strapping materials.
  • It is recommended where high strength is necessary, low elongation is important and where the product is extremely sharp or hot.
  • It is sealed using snap-on metal seals.
  • Ribbon wound steel strap is wound once, oscillation wound steel strapping is wound on top of each other again and again.
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