Plastic packaging guide

Packing for university

Going to university is a big deal. University is often said to be the best years of your life. However getting ready to go to university can be stressful. Especially when it comes to packing all your stuff. Our key advice is to pack light. Use the right packaging for your move.

Packing tip for uni
Important documents
  • Passport/driving license, bank details and bank card, passport photos etc.
  • Use A4 poly bags designed for documents.
  • 200 gauge poly bags and above work well for keeping documents safe.
Electrical items
  • Laptop, hair dryer, extension leads etc.
  • Use our carton boxes designed for house moving.
  • Formal wear, swimwear, loungewear etc.
  • Use poly bags designed for clothes.
Academic items
  • Diary, calculator, stapler etc.
  • Use A4 poly bags designed for documents.
Kitchen items
  • Bowls and plates, cutlery, mugs and glasses etc.
  • Place kitchen items in our carton boxes.
  • However for extra protection line the boxes with either bubble wrap or kraft paper.
Bedroom items
  • Bedsheets, duvet cover, pillow cases etc.
  • Place bedroom items in our carton boxes.
Bathroom items

Amazon packing

This guide aims to help with Amazon product packaging. The main objective for packaging is to get an undamaged product to the customer.


Bundle items together

The ability to ship two separate products as one saves on shipping costs. An exterior box to accommodate both products should be invested in. If the two products shipped together vary in size, there are a few packaging options to consider at listed below.

Bundling guideline
Corrugated boxes
  • The most popular and preferred way to bundle multiple products together.
  • Corrugated boxes can be printed on to increase company branding and advertising.
  • Boxes too large do not offer the best presentation and can cause damage in shipping without proper void fill.
Amazon corrugated boxes
  • Strapping is one of the most common ways to bundle one or more products.
Amazon strapping
Shrink wrapping
  • The only drawback to using a shrink wrap as an exterior packaging is the risk of the shrink wrap tearing.
  • It is important to use shrink wrap that is strong enough to handle the transportation stress to a customer's location.
Amazon shrink wrap
  • An affordable bundling option for lighter uniform products.
  • Taping two or more boxes together does not offer the best presentation.
  • Use tape if there are no other options available.

Presentation and branding

The primary objective for packaging is the protection of products. Whether in a brick and mortar store or online, the main objective of packaging should be delivering an undamaged product to the customer. Though branding and presentation is not the main purpose of packaging, it is very important. Understanding the difference between primary and secondary packaging is important.

Primary packaging

Primary packaging is best defined by the packaging that comes into direct contact with the product. For brick and mortar sales the primary packaging of a product should be considered as a top priority for marketing. Online sellers are fortunate to not deal with shelving issues but primary packaging is still incredibly important. Sometimes the best primary packaging is the option that offers the best clarity to properly display the product.

Secondary packaging

Secondary packaging is the first line of protection for a product. For retail brick and mortar sales, secondary packaging can be a variety of materials. For online sales, corrugated cardboard is the most commonly used form of secondary packaging. Corrugated boxes are the most frequently used form of secondary packaging because they provide protection during transport.

Amazon corrugated boxes
Type of secondary packaging
Void fill
  • Void fill is used to fill the empty spaces within the secondary packaging.
  • It works as a shock absorber and cushion to protect products during transport.
  • Probably the two most well known forms of void fill are packaging peanuts and bubble wrap.
Foam packaging peanuts
  • Popular low cost option.
  • Not environmentally friendly.
Bubble wrap
  • Air filled plastic bubbles often available on rolls.
  • Affordable and effective.
  • Not eco-friendly.
Kraft paper
  • Available in recycled paper.
  • Completely biodegradable.
  • An affordable and effective packaging option.
Shredded paper
  • The repurposing of a product for environmental concerns.
  • An affordable and biodegradable option.
  • Can be messy for customers opening products.

What packaging options are available

Packaging options
Corrugated packaging options
  • Essentially all of the major carriers prefer parcel shipments to be packaged in a corrugated carton.
Mailers and envelopes
  • Envelopes and mailers are an inexpensive way to ship smaller products.
  • Determining the best type of mailer or envelope to properly protect products during shipping can be trial and error.
  • We recommend if you are unsure use a bubble mailer for added protection.
Flexible packaging
  • Flexible packaging includes a large variety of products that can change shape after sealed or closed.
  • Flexible packaging is used for both primary and secondary packaging.
Poly bags and layflat tubing
  • A very popular and common flexible packaging option for sellers.
  • The bags can be sealed, taped, stapled or come in resealable form.
Heat shrink film
  • Available in a variety of forms, thicknesses and colors.
  • Heat shrink film is used for primary packaging, secondary packaging and a bundling option.
  • For packaging with direct food contact, polyolefin shrink film is required because it is FDA approved.
Vacuum packaging
    An excellent way to preserve and extend the shelf life of perishable items. Vacuum packaging also protects products from moisture, dust and exterior elements. Vacuum packaging is most often used as a primary packaging.

Packaging tips for common items

Packaging tip
Small books
Large books
CDs and DVDs
Leaflets and brochures
Liquids and creams
  • Seal in grip seal bags.
  • Surround with an absorbent material like newsprint offcuts.
Magazines and newspapers
Framed prints
Scissors and knives
Plastic packaging guide last updated: Nov-2021

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