Mailing bags packaging guide

  • Jiffy bag is the name given to any kind of mailing envelope with some form of cushioning as a liner.
  • The original jiffy bag was the padded envelope introduced by jiffy in the 50s.
  • Jiffy bag has a very strong pure Kraft paper outer and a lining of macerated paper fibres.
  • Jiffy bag remains the only truly eco-friendly postal bag as it is easily reusable and recyclable.
AirkraftMailmiserInternal sizeExternal sizePIPSuggested use
AK000MM00090 × 145mm120 × 160mmLarge letterA7 jewellery
AK00MM000115 × 195mm145 × 210mmLarge letterA6 floppy disks
AK0MM0140 × 195mm170 × 210mmLarge letterCDs
AK1MM1170 × 245mm200 × 260mmLarge letterA5, videos, DVDs
AK2MM2205 × 245mm235 × 260mmLarge letterSmall gifts
AK3MM3220 × 320mm250 × 335mmLarge letterDesk diary
AK4MM4240 × 320mm270 × 335mmPacketA4 brochures
AK5MM5260 × 345mm290 × 360mmPacketBooks, 2 DVDs
AK6MM6290 × 445mm320 × 460mmPacketShirts, clothes
AK7MM7340 × 445mm370 × 540mmPacketA3
Padded bags
Padded bagsInternal sizeExternal sizePIPSuggested use
PB00105 × 229mm120 × 254mmLarge letterA6, audio tapes
PB0135 × 229mm150 × 254mmLarge letter
PB1165 × 280mm180 × 305mmLarge letterA5, CDs, videos
PB2195 × 280mm210 × 305mmLarge letter
PB3195 × 343mm210 × 368mmLarge letter
PB4225 × 343mm241 × 368mmLarge letterA4
PB5245 × 381mm260 × 406mmPacket
PB6295 × 458mm310 × 483mmPacket
PB7341 × 483mm356 × 508mmPacketA3
PB8442 × 661mm457 × 686mmPacketA2
  • How do I work out if my box will fit in the jiffy bag?
    • Take a soft tape measure and wrap it round your box in both directions.
    • Halve these measurements to give the basic bag dimensions.
    • Find the nearest jiffy bag size that will take this size plus a bit for packing.
  • Are slim hardbacked books suitable for jiffy bag?
    • Hardback books will suffer from depression on the corners whilst being otherwise fine.
    • Slim book are suitable for jiffy bags.
  • Can I send large bolts and nuts through the post in jiffy padded bags?
    • Yes, pack the items tightly together.
  • Can I send china mugs in jiffy padded bags?
  • Are jiffy padded bags recycled?
    • The lining of jiffy padded bags is made entirely of recycled paper fibres.
    • The outer of the bag is made of pure kraft paper from sustainable forests.
    • The padded bag is totally recyclable as it is all paper.
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