Inches to metric conversion

The conversion from metric to inches can be confusing. Sometimes approximations are used. The following table lists common approximations used when converting from metric to inches and verse versa.

Inches to metric conversion chart
Inches Metric approx Metric exact
1" 25mm 25.4mm
2" 50mm 50.8mm
3" 75mm 76.2mm
4" 100mm 101.6mm
5" 125mm 127.0mm
6" 150mm 152.4mm
7" 175mm 177.8mm
8" 200mm 203.2mm
9" 225mm 228.6mm
10" 250mm 254.0mm
11" 275mm 279.4mm
12" 300mm 304.8mm
15" 375mm 381.0mm
18" 450mm 457.2mm
20" 500mm 508mm
24" 600mm 609.6mm
28" 700mm 711.2mm
30" 750mm 762mm
36" 900mm 914.4mm
48" 1200mm 1259.2mm
60" 1500mm 1524mm
72" 1800mm 1828.8mm

Inches to metric conversion last updated: Nov-2021

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