Impulse heat sealer packaging guide

What are impulse heat sealers?

Polythene bags can be sealed with a heat sealer. Impulse heat sealers are used for any thermoplastic material such as a poly bag that require a lower temperature. Heat sealers can also be used to seal polycoated materials. The size of the heat sealer to use depends on the width of the material to be sealed. For easy handling add one inch to the width of material to get the size of heat sealer required.

Film types and thicknesses used with an impulse sealer

Film types for impulse heat sealer
Polyolefin shrink filmPolyolefin shrink film is becoming the most preferred shrink film in the world. Polyolefin shrink film is FDA approved and available in 60, 75 and 100 gauge thicknesses. A 60 gauge polyolefin shrink film is often used with small products that are individually wrapped and then placed into a larger box for transportation. 75 gauge polyolefin shrink film is all around film that can be used with food as well as non food objects. 100 gauge shrink film is a stronger film often used for shipping objects via UPS.
PVC shrink filmPVC film has excellent clarity with a consistency close to cellophane. 75 gauge PVC shrink film is the most popular film thickness. It offers all around protection for a variety of products. It is not FDA approved for direct food contact. 100 gauge PVC shrink film is used for heavier objects with sharper edges and corners.
Polyethylene filmPolyethylene film most commonly used with impulse sealers are poly bags and tubing. The advantage of polyethylene film is the available thicknesses. Poly bags and tubing are regularly available in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 6 mils. This enables the protection of heavy products with sharp edges and corners.

Impulse sealer heat settings

Impulse sealers are made to seal a variety of plastics. The most popular packaging used with impulse sealers is shrink wrap packaging and polyethylene packaging. For shrink wrap packaging, the most popular impulse sealers used are round wire sealers. Most companies sealing polyethylene bags and tubing commonly use a flat wire impulse sealer or a flat wire impulse sealer with a cutter blade.

What is the proper heat settings for my new sealer? Each sealer has a sealing wire that heats up when the sealing bar is closed. The sealing wire heats up the plastic film and mends it together. The ability to keep the heat settings on the sealing wire the lowest possible while still accomplishing a sturdy seal allows each wire to last longer.

The chart below breaks down the recommended heat settings for each film type and thickness.

Impulse sealer heat settings
Film type and thicknessRecommended round wire heat settingRecommended flat wire 2mm heat setting
PVC shrink film 75 gauge31
PVC shrink film 100 gauge32
Polyolefin shrink film 60 gauge22 to 2.5
Polyolefin shrink film 75 gauge22 to 2.5
Polyolefin shrink film 100 gauge43
2 mil polyethylene film43

Impulse heat sealer packaging guide last updated: Jul-2023

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