Carrier bags packaging guide

Types of carrier bags

Types of carrier bags
Paper carrier bags
  • Paper carrier bags are low cost, made from strong kraft paper and available in brown/white paper.
  • These carrier bags come with a stylish twisted paper cord handle which makes it easy to carry without cutting into your hand.
  • Brown paper bags are cheap, recyclable and degradable.
Patch handle carrier bags
  • The classic shopping bag for high street stores.
  • Patch handle carriers are made from thicker polythene and have a reinforced patch handle.
  • They are available in white or clear polythene.
Vest carrier bags
  • Vest carrier are commonly used carrier bags.
  • They are popular with supermarkets, grocery stores and market traders.
  • Vest carriers are made from high density polythene which has acrinkly feel.

Paper used in paper carrier bags

Paper used in paper carrier bags
Kraft paper
  • A high quality paper in terms of strength.
  • Made from paper pulp that has long individual fibres which give a resistance to tearing.
Art card
  • A highly processed pulp which has shorter fibres than kraft.
  • The paper has more bulk to compensate and is more economical than kraft.
Coated paper
  • Papers have a coating on the surface to make them smoother.

Plastic used in carrier bags

Plastic used in carrier bags
  • Low density polyethylene is recognisable by the soft feel of the polythene and its stretchiness.
  • LDPE is excellent for carrier bags because of its stretch and resistance to puncturing and tearing.
  • High density polyethylene has a more crinkly, paper-like feel than LDPE.
  • HDPE is immensely strong but tends to give way without warning.
  • LDPE/HDPE is referred to as frosted film.
  • It is a mixture of HDPE and LDPE.
  • The stretchiness of LDPE and the texture and toughness of HDPE.
  • The frosted semi translucent look is the natural colour of the material without any additional pigment added.
Natural polythene
  • A mineral oil based polythene made with no additives and is recyclable and combustible with no toxicity.
Degradable polythene
  • A mineral oil based polythene has an additive to accelerate fragmentation and degradation over a specified period.

Carrier bags packaging guide last updated: Nov-2021

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