Cardboard boxes packaging guide

Calculating the volume of a cardboard box

The volume of a box is: L x W x H where:

  • Length (L): The length is the longest side.
  • Width (W): The width is the shortest side.
  • Height (D): The depth is the base to the top of the box.

Cushioning items using boxes

Polystyrene loose fill chips cushions your products and prevents damage during transit or storage. Allow extra space around your products and increase the size of your box. The more protective material you can accommodate, the more protection you'll give your items.

Using a hand tape dispenser

A hand cello tape gun makes the application of sealing a box using packing tape easier and faster. Use the follow steps to apply cello tape to a box:

  • Lay the tape dispenser on a flat surface with the tape wheel facing up.
  • Slide the core of the packing tape over the tape dispenser wheel.
  • Ensure the whole wheel is covered by the core of the packing tape.
  • Feed the packing tape, adhesive side down, through the roller and metal plate.
  • Pull the packing tape through the tape dispenser to ensure the tape flows freely.
  • Press the tape dispenser onto the cardboard box you wish to seal and pull the dispenser back.

Sealing a cardboard box

The most secure way to seal a box is the 'H' seal method. The H seal method allows for all the flaps of a cardboard box to be sealed, giving extra protection. The H seal method also shows a high level of tamper evidence as there is more tape to remove. Use the following steps to apply a H seal:

  • Using a packing tape dispenser, start from the side of the cardboard box and pull the packing tape dispenser back and over the top of the box to seal the two flaps.
  • Continue to pull the tape dispenser back across the top of the cardboard box and allow a further few inches of tape to follow down the side of the box.
  • Pull the packing tape dispenser down so the blade will cut the tape at the required point.
  • Use the packing tape dispenser to seal the edges of the cardboard box in the same way as the top but allow an overhang of tape.
  • Fold over the overhang of tape to the side of the cardboard box.
  • Repeat on the other side and seal the bottom of the box as previously done.
  • When you have finished, your cardboard box will be sealed on all sides, displaying a H on the top and bottom of your box.

Moving using corrugated boxes

For a perfect move you need corrugated cardboard boxes. Moving companies use corrugated cardboard boxes that are 32 ect in strength. The greater the strength the more durable the box. Corrugated moving boxes are available in both single wall boxes and double wall boxes. All packaging boxes should be securely sealed with packaging tape.

Do not use newspaper to pad boxes. Newspaper print can stain your items. Use plain packing paper and bubble wrap.

Buy more boxes and packaging material than you need as you can always return any items that you do not use.

How to measure cardboard boxes

Many times people have the box faced in the wrong direction when measuring. Then the boxes are delivered the size is completely different from what they measured for. A 14x14x4 box is a completely different size than a 4x14x14 box.

To get an idea of the box size. Arrange the items as required. Measure the length, breadth and height of the items. This gives the minimum box size for accommodating the products.

Cardboard box questions

  • What are corrugated boxes made from?

    Cardboard boxes are made of cardboard corrugated fibreboard. Corrugated cardboard consists of two layers of cardboard. A corrugated central part called 'fluting'. The liner is made of long fibers to make it strong and durable. The fluting is made of short fibers to make it rigid and resistant to pressure. There are also double and triple wall corrugated boxes.

Cardboard boxes packaging guide last updated: Oct-2023

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