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horticultural polythene sheeting

Center folded polythene sheets

Center folded layflat tubing

  • Horticultural polythene sheeting manufactured from low density polythene and widely used as protection from dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Size specification: The first measurement gives the width of the horticultural polythene sheeting once fully opened.
  • Horticultural polythene sheeting are widely used to protect the top of pallets from dirt and moisture.
WidthOpeningLengthThicknessWeightPriceOur reference
  • The horticultural polythene sheeting roll opens to 2 meters wide.
  • Horticultural polythene sheeting is ideal for wrapping goods in storage or transit and for protecting furniture and floors when decorating.
  • Horticultural polythene sheeting pre cut on one side. Simply open the poly tubing wide to form a single sheet.
  • Horticultural polythene sheeting is widely used in many outdoor tasks for example in building work, plant protection, cold frames, ground work, greenhouses etc.
  • Horticultural polythene sheeting are ideal for covering large items such as furniture and flooring.
  • Please refer to the film thickness guide for further information on horticultural polythene sheeting film thickness.
  • horticultural polythene sheeting
  • polythene horticultural sheeting
Poly centerfold sheeting diagram

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We sell poly bags and offer free packaging advice. Polybags Direct