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Write on grip seal bags

Panel grip seal bags

  • Size specification: The first measurement gives the opening/width of the ziplock bags.
  • Ziplock bags are closed at the top by squeezing the interlocking zipper together enabling the bag to be closed and reopened many times.
  • Ziplock bags have all the advantages of a grip-seal bag but with the added bonus of three white panels to write on.
  • For advice on film thickness please refer to the film thickness guide.
Width Height Film thickness Reference Price Our reference
  • Ziplock bags are perfect for storing and preserving your photos, collectibles and artwork.
  • Need more detail? Click on the following link to see a ziplock bags
  • Ziplock bags are generally not waterproof. If left in contact with excess humidity or water, moister will eventually build inside. However this is common with all types of plastic bags.
  • Ziplock bags are ideal for samples, seeds, powders granules etc.
  • Ziplock bags are used for packaging items for dispatch, organising small components or labelling items for better stock control.
  • Use a marker, ballpoint pen or pencil on the panel to identify the contents without using a label.
Resealable write on panel grip seal bag diagram

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We sell poly bags and offer free packaging advice. Polybags Direct