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Pallet strapping

Black polypropylene strapping image

Polypropylene strapping

Polyprop strapping provides a light and easy method of securing products.

White heavy duty polypropylene machine strapping image

Polypropylene machine strapping

Polyprop machine strap is used on strapping machines.

Polyester strapping image

Polyester strapping

Polyester is a nylon strapping, stronger than polyprop and safer than steel.

Ribbon wound steel strapping image

Ribbon wound steel strapping

Steel strapping for low to medium duty applications.

Polypropylene narrow strapping image

Narrow pallet strapping

Narrow strap provides a light method of securing pallets.

Snap on metal seals image

Snap-on metal seals

Snap-on metal seals for steel strapping.

Woven polyester tensioner image

Woven polyester tensioner

Woven polyester tensioner

Pallet wrap

Pallet shrink wrap image

Pallet shrink wrap

Contain small items for shipping or storage with stretch film.

Machine pallet wrap image

Machine pallet shrink wrap

Machine pallet wrap used on pallet wrap machines.

Narrow pallet shrink wrap image

Narrow pallet shrink wrap

Narrow width stretch film stretches more than the wider widths.

Pallet wrap handles image

Pallet wrap handles

Pallet wrap handles helps to wrap pallets quickly.

Pallet wrap dispenser image

Pallet wrap dispenser

Pallet wrap dispenser to stretch wrap pallets.

Pallet shrink covers image

Pallet shrink covers

Pallet shrink covers for covering pallets.

Polythene bags

Economy poly bags image

Economy polybags

Economy polythene bags are exceptionally lightweight and ideal for use on lightweight items.

Light duty poly bags image

Light duty polybags

Light duty poly bags suitable for storing frozen food.

Medium duty poly bags image

Medium duty polybags

Medium duty poly bags for packing items with smooth corners.

Heavy duty poly bags image

Heavy duty polybags

Heavy duty poly bags for packing heavy awkward items.

Strong poly bags image

Strong polybags

Strong poly bags suitable for protecting abrasive items.

Clear polythene bags on roll image

Clear poly bags on a roll

Clear poly bags on a roll with easy to tear perforation.

Blue tint poly bags image

Blue tint bags

Blue tint poly bags for food use.

Printed poly bags

Poly bags warning notice image

Printed polybags / Warning notice

Printed poly bags with a warning notice.

Poly bags 10 language warning notice image

Printed polybags / 10 Language warning notice / Resealable selfseal flap

Printed polybags with 10 language warning and seal.

Poly bags warning notice image

Printed polybags / Warning notice / Resealable selfseal flap

Printed poly bags with warning notice and permanent seal.

Industrial bags

Woven polypropylene sacks image

Woven polyprop sacks

Woven polyprop sacks are tear resistant and light weight bags.

Aggregate rubble sacks image

Rubble aggregate sacks

Very strong rubble aggregate sacks.

Grip seal bags

Grip seal bag image

Plain gripseal bags

180 gauge grip seal bags making them very hard wearing.

Grip seal bag write on panels image

Write-on panel gripseal bags

Grip seal bags with three white panels.

Grip seal bag heavy duty image

Heavy duty gripseal bags

Heavy duty grip seal bags for abrasive machine components.

Polypropylene bags

Polyprop bags warning notice resealable flap image

Polyprop bags / Warning notice / Resealable selfseal flap

Resealable poly prop with warning notice and self seal flap.

D range polypropylene bag image

D-range polyprop bags / Warning notice / Resealable selfseal flap

D-range resealable polypropylene bags with self seal flap.

Plain polypropylene bags image

Plain polyprop bags

Plain polypropylene bags made from high gloss material.

Polyprop flushtop image

Printed polyprop bags / Flush top

Printed polypropylene bags with no lip.

Block bottom bag image

Block bottom bags

Block bottom bag suitable for soaps, cosmetics and candles.

Square opening sachet image

Square opening sachets

Square opening OPP sachets for packaging candy, coffee and gift products.

Layflat tubing

Layflat tubing image

Medium duty layflat tubing

Layflat tubing for protecting floors when cleaning or decorating.

Layflat tubing image

Heavy duty layflat tubing

Heavy duty layflat tubing for storing goods in transit.

Center folded layflat tubing image

Center folded layflat tubing

Center folded tubing can be used as dust covers for furniture.

Impulse heat sealer image

Impulse heat sealer

Heat sealers for making a wide variety of bags from layflat tubing.

Polythene furniture covers image

Polythene furniture covers

Cover sofas and chairs with our thick pallet wrap.

Waste bags

Loose recycled black refuse sacks image

Loose recycled black refuse sacks

Loose low density polythene black refuse sacks with good puncture resistance.

Heavy duty black bags image

Heavy duty black bags

Heavy black refuse sacks made from tough low density polythene film.

High density clear bin liner image

High density bin liners

High density clear bin liner suitable for light refuse in an office environment.

Heavy duty domestic waste compactor bags image

Waste compactor bags

Heavy duty domestic waste compactor bags suitable that will not split like thinner bags.

Packing tape

Polyprop vibac tape image

Polyprop vibac tape

Pressure sensitive vibac tape will not break under tension and is suitable for carton sealing.

Double sided polyprop tape image

Double sided polyprop tape

High tack double sided polyprop tape for mounting signs.

Double sided carpet tape image

Double sided carpet tape

Heavy duty double sided tape, super sticky making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Masking tape image

Masking tape

Industrial strength masking tape for masking paint work and delicate surfaces.

Poly cloth tape image

Poly cloth tape

Poly cloth tape for reinforcing and protecting goods, adheres to surfaces such as metal, concrete and wood.

Polyprop acrylic tape image

Polyprop acrylic tape

Polyprop acrylic tape for color coding parcels and boxes, silent during use.

Fragile label glass image

Fragile labels

Fragile labels for items that need careful handling during transit.

Neck sealing tape image

Neck sealing tape

Neck sealing tape used to tie the necks of bread bags with a BN9 tape sealer.

Bag neck sealer image

Bag neck sealer

BN9 bag neck sealer for sealing polythene bags with neck sealing tape.

Crossweave-tape image

Crossweave tape

High strength, high tack crossweave tape for heavy duty and high security sealing.

Polyprop fragile tape image

Polyprop fragile tape

Low noise, high strength polypropylene fragile tape for sealing parcels that contain fragile items.

Pvc insulation tape image

PVC insulation tape

PVC insulation tape for insulating, bundling and marking electrical cables.

Gummed paper tape image

Gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape for sealing cartons, the box fibres bond with the tape to create a seal that is impossible to tear.

Polyprop acrylic machine tape image

Polyprop acrylic machine tape

Polyprop acrylic machine tape is a water based acrylic adhesive that is resistant to temperature change.

Cellotape gun image

Tape gun

Cellotape tape gun for fast, high volume carton sealing.

Kapton heat resistant tape image

Kapton heat resistant tape

Kapton heat tape for high temperature masking applications.

Garment covers

Garment cover roll image

Garment covers

Garment covers made from super clear film.

Garment cover roll image

Printed warning notice garment covers

Garment covers printed made with repeating warning notice.

Garment cover roll image

Garment cover over bags

Slighly wider garment covers made from super clear film.

Garment cover roll image

Unperforated garment covers

Unperforated garment covers can be cut at the desired length to make an over bag.

Plastic top hangers image

Plastic top hangers

Plastic coat hangers made from durable strong plastic that will not snap easily.

Plastic knitwear hangers image

Plastic knitwear hangers

Plastic knitwear hangers for sweaters, jumpers and cardigans.

Plastic legging clipon hangers image

Plastic legging clip-on hangers

Plastic legging hangers with clips for trousers and skirts.

Mailing bags

Oyster featherpost mailing bags image

Oyster featherpost bubble lined envelopes (Motted / Off white)

Oyster featherpost bubble lined envelopes for heavy duty use.

Oyster featherpost mailing bags image

Featherpost bubble lined envelopes (White / Pure white)

White featherpost bubble lined envelopes.

Gold featherpost envelopes image

Gold featherpost bubble lined envelopes

Lightweight gold featherpost bubble lined envelopes.

Padded jiffy mailing bags image

Brown padded jiffy mailing bags

High quality padded jiffy bags with seal strip for easy closure.

Documents enclosed envelope image

Document enclosed envelopes

Document enclosed envelopes for attaching invoices to parcels.

Grey mailing bags image

Grey mailing bags

Strong grey mailing bags ideal for light to medium mail order applications.

Self seal bubble bags image

Self seal bubble bags

Transparent protective bubble bags with self seal lip.

Clear mailing bags image

Clear mailing bags

Water repellent clear polythene mailing envelopes.

Metallic foil mailers neon green image

Metallic foil mailers

Metallic foil mailers made from a shiny silver metallic foil cast polyprop film.

Carrier bags

Coloured paper bags with handles image

Paper carrier bags

Paper carrier bags with handles in white, brown and blue colors.

Vest carrier bags high density white image

Vest carrier bags

Thin high density vest carrier bags to carry meat and other produce.

Punch out patch handle carrier bags image

Punch out patch handle carrier bags

High opacity, strong and waterproof punch out patch handle carrier bags.

Polypropylene twine

Twine image

Polypropylene twine

Very strong, light weight polypropylene twine.

Anti-static bags

Anti static metallized bags image

Anti-static metallized bags

Anti-static metallized bags for packaging static sensitive components.

Anti static bubble pouches image

Anti-static bubble pouches

Anti-static bubble pouch bags for protecting static sensitive components.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap image

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap made using 10mm bubbles that conforms to the products shape.

Anti static bubble wrap image

Anti-static bubble wrap

Anti-static bubble wrap for protecting static sensitive components.

Tie wraps

Marker cable ties image

Marker cable ties

Marker cable ties provide a method of marking and bundling cables.

Plain cable ties image

Plain cable ties

Plain cable ties are used to bundle items.

Colored cable tie blue image

Colored cable ties

Colored cable ties are used to bundle and easily identify cables.

Garment tags/clips

Black fixed loop lock fasteners image

Fixed loop lock fasteners

Fixed loop lock fasteners are ideal for attaching prices to bag handles.

Avery dennison tag easy natural garment tags image

Avery Dennison TagEasy garment tags

Avery Dennison TagEasy garment tags for attaching labels to garments.

Clear plastic shirt clips image

Shirt clips

Plastic shirt clips attach shirts when folded.

Avery dennison gp fine fabric tagging gun image

Avery Dennison gp fine fabric tagging gun

Avery Dennison GP fine fabric tagging gun for delicate materials to avoid damage.

Avery dennison economy gp tagging gun image

Avery Dennison economy gp tagging gun

Avery Dennison economy GP tagging gun for attaching labels onto garments.

Avery dennison mark3 tagging gun image

Avery Dennison mark3 tagging gun

Avery Dennison mark 3 tagging gun for tagging light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton.

Dennison gun fine fabric tagging needles image

Avery Dennison gun fine fabric tagging needles

For Avery Dennison GB fine fabric tagging gun for delicate material.

Dennison standard gun tagging needles image

Avery Dennison standard gun tagging needles

Avery Dennison standard gun tagging needles for the Avery Dennison economy GP or mark 3 tagging gun.

Office stationary

Dl plain while envelopes front image

Plain white mailing envelopes

Highly opaque plain while envelopes.

Dl windowed mailing envelopes front image

White window mailing envelopes

Window mailing envelopes made from bright 100 GSM paper.

Samba a4 white economy copier paper image

A4 white economy copier paper

A4 white economy copier paper made from 75 GSM paper.

Samba a4 white premium copier paper image

A4 white premium copier paper

A4 white premium copier paper made from 80 GSM paper.

Cardboard boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes image

Single wall cardboard boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes used for storage or removal boxes.

Single wall corrugated sheet image

Single wall corrugated sheet

Single wall corrugated sheets for cushioning products.

Double wall cardboard boxes image

Double wall cardboard boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes for heavier goods.

Paper products

Kraft paper roll image

Pure kraft paper rolls

Kraft paper rolls for packaging and wrapping goods.

Kraft paper roll image

Imitation kraft paper rolls

Cheaper imitation kraft paper rolls paper rolls for packaging.

Waxed kraft paper rolls image

Waxed kraft paper rolls

Waxed kraft paper rolls for packing engineering products.

Corrugated paper roll image

Corrugated paper rolls

Corrugated paper rolls for separating products.

Kraft paper sheets image

Paper sheets

Paper sheets for wrapping products to provide an extra layer of protection.

Food bags

Vacuum pouch image

Vacuum pouches

Vacuum bags to increase the shelf life of food products.

Food freezer bags on roll image

Food freezer bags on roll

Clear open top food freezer bags for storing food, freezing meat, vegetables and fruit.

Tie handle food freezer bags image

Tie handle food freezer bags

Tie handle food freezer bags used to store food items.

Zip resealable food and freezer bags image

Zip resealable food freezer bags

Zip resealable bags features a slide zip to keep food secure and seals in freshness.

Takeaway packaging

Kraft paper carrier bag image

Kraft paper carrier bags

Kraft paper brown bags for food takeaway.

White pizza box image

Plain pizza box

Plain white/brown stock pizza boxes available for immediate dispatch.

Clear food storage container image

Food storage container

Food storage containers are microwave safe and used for leftovers, bulk cooking, pack lunch etc.

Leakproof container kraft image

Leakproof box

Brown biodegradable, leakproof food box with folding lid.

Noodle box image

Noodle box

Biodegradable noodle box with a PLA lining.

Wooden spoon image

Wooden cutlery

Renewable and FSC accredited wooden spoons.

Protective foam

Protective foam edging image

Protective edging foam

Protective edging foam protects the edges of tables for added protection during transit or storage.

Protective foam rolls image

Protective foam rolls

Protective foam rolls offer a lightweight packing solution for wrapping delicate items for transit and storage.

Miscellaneous products

Rolls image

Wiping rolls

Paper wiping rolls for ensuring hygienic wiping of furniture and equipment.

Loosefill image

Polystyrene loosefill

Polystyrene loosefill provides excellent cushioning against shock and crushing.

Clearance items image

Joblot clearance items

Joblot clearance items in stock, discounted and available for immediate delivery.

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