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Pallet strapping | Polyester strapping

Polyester is a nylon strapping, stronger than polyprop and safer than steel.

Pallet strapping | Woven polyester tensioner

Polyester tensioner for strapping widths up to 19mm.

Pallet wrap | Pallet shrink covers

Pallet shrink covers for covering pallets.

Polythene bags | Light duty poly bags

Light duty poly bags suitable for storing frozen food.

Polythene bags | Heavy duty poly bags

Heavy duty poly bags for packing heavy awkward items.

Polythene bags | Very strong polythene bags

Very strong poly bags capable of carrying up 25 kgs of load.

Grip seal bags | Plain Grip seal bags

180 gauge grip seal bags making them very hard wearing.

Polypropylene bags | Polyprop bags, warning notice, resealable flap

Resealable poly prop with warning notice and self seal flap.

Polypropylene bags | D-range polypropylene bags, warning notice, resealable flap

D-range resealable polypropylene bags with self seal flap.

Waste bags | Loose recycled black refuse sacks

Loose low density polythene black refuse sacks with good puncture resistance.

Cellotape | Double sided carpet tape

Heavy duty tape, strong and very sticky making it ideal for carpet fitting and other heavy-duty applications.

Cellotape | Poly cloth tape

Ideal for binding, reinforcing, protecting goods, adheres to most surfaces including metal, concrete and wood.

Cellotape | Polyprop acrylic tape

Ideal for marking and color coding parcels and boxes, designed to be silent during use.

Cellotape | Fragile labels

Use for items that need careful handling during transit.

Cellotape | Neck sealing tape

Commonly used to tie the necks of bread bags together, commonly used with a BN9 tape sealer.

Cellotape | Bag neck sealer

Bag neck sealer for sealing polythene bags with neck sealing tape.

Cellotape | Crossweave tape

High strength, high tack tape with high tear resistance, for heavy duty and high security sealing.

Cellotape | Polyprop fragile tape

Low noise, high strength polypropylene adhesive tape ideal for sealing parcels that contain fragile material.

Cellotape | PVC insulation tape

Ideal for insulating, attaching, bundling, sealing and marking cables.

Cellotape | Gummed paper tape

For sealing cartons and envelopes, the box fibres bond with the tape to create a seal that is impossible to tear off.

Cellotape | Polyprop acrylic machine tape

Water based acrylic adhesive that is resistant to temperature change.

Cellotape | Tape gun

Cellotape tape gun for fast, high volume carton sealing.

Garment covers | Plastic top hangers

Coat hangers made from durable strong plastic that will not snap easily.

Garment covers | Plastic knitwear hangers

Plastic knitwear hangers for sweaters, jumpers and cardigans.

Garment covers | Plastic legging clip-on hangers

Plastic legging hangers with clips for trousers and skirts.

Polypropylene twine | Polyprop twine

Polypropylene twine thick enough to cope with jobs around the house and garden. Polypropylene twine floats and it is very strong, light weight and has a low stretch.

Garment tags/clips | Shirt clips

Plastic shirt clips attach shirts when folded.

Garment tags/clips | Avery Dennison GP fine fabric tagging gun

For thin or delicate materials to avoid any damage.

Avery Dennison mark III tagging gun

Garment tags/clips | Avery Dennison mark III tagging gun

For tagging light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton.

Garment tags/clips | Avery Dennison standard gun tagging needles

For the Avery Dennison economy GP or mark III tagging gun.

Cardboard boxes | Single wall corrugated sheet

Single wall corrugated sheets are used to cushion products.

Miscellaneous products | Polystyrene loosefill

Loosefill provides excellent cushioning against shock and crushing.

Miscellaneous products | Clearance items

All items are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Food bags | Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags for food use.

Food bags | Food freezer bags on roll

Clear open top food bags ideal for storing food, freezing meat, vegetables and fruit.

Food bags | Resealable food freezer bags

Resealable food freezer bags with a press seal top which can be opened and resealed.

Food bags | Tie handle food freezer bags

Tie handle food freezer bags can be used to store food and non food items.

Food bags | Zip resealable food freezer bags

Zip resealable bags features a slide zip to keep food secure and seals in freshness.

PPE | Face masks

PPE face masks to stop the transmission of a virus via droplets, sprays, splatters and splashes.

PPE | Aprons

PPE aprons are suitable for health care to help minimise the risk of infection.

PPE | Face shields

Fluid repellant PEE face shields.

PPE | Hand sanitiser

PPE Hand sanitiser for sterilizing hands from all microorganisms.

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