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Anti-static metallized bags

  • Metallised shielding bags are used for packaging static sensitive components. They should be used where electrostatic contamination is a problem.
  • These metallised shielding bags are transparent and heat sealable.
  • Metallised shielding bags are manufactured with a transparent layered laminate that provides optimum static shielding with maximum visibility.
  • Inner layer is bonded to a metallized polyester layer which provides static shielding of the contents.
Width Height Price Our reference
  • Size specification: The first measurement gives the width of the metallised shielding bags.
  • Metallised shielding bags provide shielding for static sensitive products.
  • Metallised shielding bags protects against ESD damage by forming a Faraday cage around the product.
  • The inner layer of the metallised shielding bags prevents static from generating inside the bag.
  • Abrasion resistant exterior helps the metallised shielding bags maintain its static shielding capabilities even under rugged handling and reuse.

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We sell poly bags and offer free packaging advice. Polybags Direct